The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is committed to building a campus environment that values and respects every person, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual preference, cultural background, religion, nationality or beliefs. In keeping with Mount St. Joseph University's mission to "embrace diversity of cultures and beliefs," we seek to ensure a positive, supportive climate in which all feel welcome.

Many of the events and services we provide not only benefit the Mount's culturally diverse students, but the entire Mount community, by promoting diversity awareness, enriching the educational experience and enhancing the quality of student life.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion Services


We sponsor various campus-wide programs centered on ethnic celebrations, holidays and diversity awareness. We also design programs to address specific needs or concerns of cultural groups represented at the Mount.


The office is a resource for students, faculty and staff who need information, materials or instruction on diversity-related issues.


The office coordinator advises the Black Student Union and International Student Association. Additionally, students often visit us with general concerns about financial aid, networking, courses, faculty, staff or student relations.


We make appropriate referrals to students with questions or concerns that can be best resolved by another person, office or department.