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  • He Practices What He Preaches

    Health Sciences, Nursing, Faculty

    File Under: nursing, red cross, volunteer

    Bill Lonneman takes nursing skills to the streets, literally, with a Red Cross response unit.Read More

  • Dedicated Mount Graduate Gives Back to College Players

    Business, Business Administration, Sports Management, Alumni

    File Under: business administration, football, athletics, service, sports

    Graduating from the Mount in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Paul Volker realized he wanted to coach football for a living. Read More

  • We’re Not Just Your Grandma’s School

    Arts, Communication and New Media Studies, Business, Alumni

    Corey Burdine is the fourth generation of the Posey family to graduate from the Mount.Read More

  • He Teaches Money Matters

    Business, Accounting, Business Administration, Staff, Alumni

    Dan Schultz teaches the benefits of saving and how to budget to students of all ages. Read More

  • He Likes (to Make) Beer

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology, Faculty

    Andy Rasmussen and his students use food science and biology to contribute to a research project to find "healthier" versions of beer. Read More

  • We Know Our S*&T

    Education, Faculty

    File Under: science

    Dr. Michael Bindis wins second place on Jeopardy!.Read More

  • Our Coach Rocks


    In summer, Coach Rod Huber can be found singing and playing guitar in small east side venues, and front porch jam sessions.Read More

  • He’s the Bee’s Knees

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology, Faculty

    File Under: biology

    Internationally-known entomologist, Dr. Gene Kritsky is one of the leading researchers of many insects, including cicadas.Read More

  • She Sees Dead People

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Biology, Faculty

    File Under: anatomy, biology, forensic science, physiology

    She doesn’t have supernatural powers, but Mount biology professor Beth Murray, Ph.D., has other strengths that some might consider super powers.Read More

  • We’re Ready for Our Close Up

    Behavioral and Natural Sciences, Faculty

    File Under: graduate education, reading science program

    Dr. Amy Murdoch has performed in commercials and a major motion picture.Read More