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Psychology students showcase poster presentations

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Students reviewing posters in Seton Lobby.

Psychology seniors showcased their poster presentations in the Seton Lobby. The poster presentations demonstrate original research on topics such as: 

• Effect of Fitness Media and Food Quantity on College Students’ Snack Food Intake

• Impact of Smartphone Usage During Social Interaction on Perceived Quality of Relationships

• Children’s Level of Conformity in Social Situations and Academic Situations

• Effects of Pleasant Odor and Gifts on Helping Behavior Toward Charities

• Carrying Guns: Effect on Perceived Danger by Location and Gender of Firearm Carrier

• Does use of Left-Handed Tools Increase Right Handers’ Sympathy Toward Left Handers?

• Effect of the Race of Couples Featured in Advertisements on People’s Views of Interracial Relationships.

Congratulations to our students on their successful posters! More pictures will be put on the Mount's Facebook page.