Mount St. Joseph University

MyMount Go: Clearing Up the Rumors

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Monica Brucher

MyMount is accessible from your smart phone, but in a new form, called MyMount Go.

Carolyn Boland, the Mount’s webmaster, said that MyMount Go was something that made sense for the Mount community to have access to.

“It’s a product that we have from the same vendor that supplies the software that MyMount runs on,” Boland said. “It was a piece that we thought had usage among students, faculty, and staff.”

And while students have been rumoring that the mobile-friendly website has just appeared, Boland noted its existence has been in the making for some time. Boland said MyMount Go has been online for a couple of years, but had few usable features, and has since been kept out of the spotlight.

“At the time it was made available to the campus at large, there were very few features and only students could use it, so we never really advertised it,” Boland said. “That’s why people have just found it on their own [or through] word of mouth.”

The reason that it was not heavily promoted and only that its appearance created such conspiracies is because previous students who tried it did not give a positive response to the site.

“A couple years we invited about 75 students to just test it out and get some feedback,” Boland said. “The feedback back then was ‘It’s nice but I wouldn’t use it’.”

Boland mentioned that she assumes the feedback now would be very different, especially with the ever-increasing use of smart phones on campus.

“If we asked people now, would they say the same thing, or ‘It’s nice but it’s not enough’”? Boland said.

Another assumption by the student population at large about MyMount Go is that it was available only for staff and faculty. Boland, who noted the opposite was true, too, cleared that up.

“It wasn’t until this spring that they really added features for faculty to use,” Boland said. “Before then it’s just been for students.”

The third false student rumor about this app—is that it’s not actually an app.

“It’s not an app—it’s a mobile-friendly website,” Boland said. “I’ve been describing it to people as a complementary website to MyMount obviously geared towards a mobile device.”

Boland noted that the confusion between the two is common, but it is an important distinction to make, nonetheless.

“Most people assume if you can access it on your phone, it’s an app,” Boland said. “Usually your apps are a little more interactive in terms of being able to download things to your phone.”

Focusing on the mobile-site’s abilities, Boland said there’s a lot of practicality in having MyMount Go.

“It lets you get into your schedule, you can register through it,” Boland said. “You can see grades, which is something I can see students wanting to do on the go.”

Of course, faculty and staff are not left out of the quality usage of MyMount Go.

“For faculty, they’ve got the ability to look up their class list to issue course authorizations [and] they can enter grades,” Boland said.

Even with all the current functions of MyMount Go, Boland said there are still features she hopes to incorporate before publicizing it more widely.

“One thing we want to add to it is the ability to see the events that are already in the MyMount calendars,” Boland said.

Mostly, Boland wants to improve the purpose and quality of MyMount Go so students can make the most of the mobile-friendly website.

“The other thing [I want to improve] is just trying to find out from students in general what kind of things they want to access quickly on the go,” Boland said.