Mount St. Joseph University

Capstone Students Join Forces for ‘Fresh Start’

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Weston Atchison

One of the greatest things about our school is that there is always something going on behind the scenes that many of us have not heard about just yet. However, we can have confidence that our fellow students are in fact doing something meaningful with their courses of study.

As a writer for our school, which has its own deep roots in giving back to the community, I believe that it is my duty to make you, our readers, aware of the many awesome philanthropically driven opportunities at the Mount.

A senior capstone class here at the Mount which focused on global human rights of women and children just finished a community service campaign called #FreshStartMSJU. You may have seen their many signs all over our campus.

The students collected toiletries that many of us simply take for granted and will be donating them to the Bethany House.

The Bethany House is dedicated to women and children who have found themselves in tougher times. They have made it their goal to make homelessness simply a temporary problem for people who come to them.

Senior criminology major Dillon Martini said, “Words cannot express how great it was to be involved with this particular campaign. It honestly feels awesome to simply be in the position to be able to give back to the community in some way.”

“What may seem like such a small donation can mean something so much more in someone else’s eyes. That’s just something you cannot put a price tag on,” said Martini.

With the holidays around the corner many people give back by donating food; however, this campaign went outside the box with the way that they are giving back to their community.

Really getting into the holiday spirit, senior business administration major Michael Gill said, “It’s always nice to give back to the community in any way you can. I love to see other people grinning from ear to ear because of it.”

Just goes to show there are certainly no Grinches at Mount St. Joseph University this holiday season.

The students of the capstone class, CORE 425, Global Human Rights: The Case for Women & Children, ended up collecting over 200 items to donate to the Bethany House.

To Dr. Jennifer Morris, associate professor of History, the success of the campaign was a direct result of the hard work and persistence of her students. “The project was conceived and was managed by them, and they have done a wonderful job raising awareness of the tough challenges women and children face in Cincinnati, including poverty and homelessness,” said Morris.

When I congratulated her on their campaign’s success, she replied, “Any and all congratulations go to them, my students!”

As students at this institution that was established by the Sisters of Charity, a group of women who dedicated their lives to helping others, it is our duty to reflect the ideals that they laid out for us. There are many examples of the Sisters of Charity around our campus, including various community service opportunities and clubs available to students to get involved and to give back.

This Thanksgiving and holiday season think about what you have to be thankful for and give back if you can, whether that be through giving your time, some kind of donation, or in any way you see fit.

Through campaigns such as the #FreshStartMSJU our students are definitely making the Sisters of Charity proud.