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The Impact of Giving on Students: Jeff Schubert

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Jeff Schubert head shot.

Who says you have to be a nursing major to work in a hospital? Jeff Schubert, a senior biology major, works in the molecular genetics lab at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital placed there through the efforts of the counselors in the Career and Experiential Education Center. 

What better place to gain lab experience than at a hospital? He helps to keep lab supplies in stock as well as assisting in genetic testing. Jeff feels that he’s more confident as a lab worker, because of this co-op experience. 

Aspiring to continue his education in graduate school, Jeff plans to join a Ph.D. program in molecular genetics, building on the learning and experience he gained in the Biology Department and Co-op program.

More Information

  • Name: Jeff Schubert
  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Biology
  • Cooperative Education: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center