Mount St. Joseph University

The End is Nigh

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Zachary McCoy

File Under: 2012, apocalypse, mayan calendar

As I sit typing, there is approximately two hours left in the dreaded December 21, 2012. Though my death may be imminent, I am writing this on the off chance that total world destruction does not happen before midnight tonight. This gets me thinking though, with the world not ending, yet again, what I will have to focus on instead.

I have managed to live through Y2K, 6/6/06 and that one time that guy said rapture was coming before my birthday (thank the gods that did not happen since I got an awesome scarf that year). Because I have lived through these, I believe myself to be an expert at surviving apocalypses, apocalypli, apocapulus, whatever the plural may be. With the culmination of the Mayan calendar, so comes the end of an era of predicting the doomsday. Which brings to my mind a bigger problem: focusing on the future.

The problem of surviving so many failed “end of times” is that now I feel the need to focus on real problems. No longer can I wait for the bomb to drop while playing “Assassin’s Creed III” because, why study for finals if the world is just going to implode in a week. There is no longer the excuse of impending doom as to why I waited until the last minute to submit an article to Dateline.

Thankfully we live in a society that creates new end of the world predictions every other week so we can concentrate on those instead of facing problems we have now, such as, but not limited to: global warming, deforestation, extinction of animals due to the two former things, world hunger, unjust war, economic collapse, school shootings, street shootings, rape culture, patriarchal society, inequality for the LGBTQ community and the lack of Twinkies on the free market.

If we, as a people, spent as much time focusing on problems that exist, instead of making up reasons as to why those problems don’t need solutions right now, I think we wouldn’t be so enthralled with the idea of the world coming to an end. I think instead we could end the horrors of a world not near the end of its existence.

Also, if you are still looking for what will bring about the end of the world, it’s when the sun engulfs it as the sun slowly expands closer and closer to our precious ball of blue— which will be in about seven billion years. What we should be more concerned with is humanity, which is destroying itself more and more every day, and is much more fragile than a planet that could do without us just fine.