Mount St. Joseph University

“Stand Out From the Crowd…Correspond Professionally!”

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Jennifer Smith

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If you are looking for help on how to put your best foot forward into the professional world, you may want to attend the Mount’s Lunch and Learn event “Stand Out From the Crowd…Correspond Professionally!” 

This event is hosted by P&G and takes place in the Corona Room on February 11, noon-1 p.m.  Students can enjoy a free lunch while hearing advice from Mount alums who have become P&G employees on the importance of communicating professionally.  This event also fulfills one of the professional workshop requirements for the TOP Program at the Mount.

Cathy McDonald, cooperative education coordinator at the Career and Experiential Center, said this is a good opportunity for students to receive important advice that could help them stand out in their pursuit of future careers. 

“As a Career Coordinator, I have learned that you always need to have good communication skills.  Because of activities like texting and blogging, communication has become too informal and this event can help students learn how to communicate in a more professional manner.” 

Students will also receive advice on how to correspond professionally through email, the importance of thank you notes, and tips on creating a winning resume and a successful cover letter.  These are skills that will be helpful to students, not only in their co-op searches, but it will give students the opportunity to gain advice on how to market themselves after graduating.

This event also presents students with the opportunity to start networking and building their business contacts, as the speakers will also be discussing potential co-op and internship opportunities with P&G’s SuccessWay internship program, for those who are interested. 

“In partnering with P&G this event serves a two-fold purpose,” says McDonald, “it gives students the chance to hear opportunities about the organization, while helping them start their career path.”

If you are interested in attending this event, you must RSVP by Feb. 10 by contacting Cathy McDonald in the Career and Experiential Education Center or by emailing her at