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Physical therapy students from the Mount win second annual “Crosstown Splint Off”

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Group photo of Splint Off Awards

For the second straight year, a team of physical therapy students from the College of Mount St. Joseph created a structure from splinting materials to win the second annual “Crosstown Splint Off,” a fun competition between the Mount’s physical therapy students and Xavier University’s occupational therapy students.

This year’s challenge was to create a structure that represented health and wellness using three different splint materials and no more than four non-splint components. Projects had to demonstrate the draping, molding, and bonding ability of the materials, include a cylinder or curved structure, contain some square edges, and represent the school including a school logo.  Patterson Medical, a supplier of medical supplies, donated the splinting material.

“Many of these students have no idea how to use splinting materials when they start helping patients,” said Meg Robinson, the St. Elizabeth’s occupational therapist, certified hand therapist, who created the competition. “This contest will give them a chance to feel comfortable with the material before having to put it on a person.”

The winning Mount team of Kelly Moffitt, Michele Wallace, Raina Barnett, and Rachel Yarman crafted a movable scale with health and wellness elements. In addition to bragging rights and a “handmade” trophy, the competition allows students an interdisciplinary approach to better understanding other health professions. 

“There’s a national effort to increase awareness among those in health professions to work collaboratively to better the outcomes for patients,” said Marsha Eifert-Mangine, associate professor of physical therapy at the Mount. “Physical therapy students learn what occupational therapy students know and vice versa, which gives them the opportunity to see how they can provide better teamwork for their patients.”

Teams presented their creations to eight judges, including two from each school, two from St. Elizabeth Hand Therapy and two guest judges.

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