Mount St. Joseph University

Peter Block speaks on campus

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Jennifer Smith

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Head shot of Peter Block.

“Building Vibrant Communities for All” will be the topic of author Peter Block’s presentations on Tuesday Sept. 23, at 1:45 and 7 pm in the Mount St. Joseph University Theatre. These presentations are free and open to the public.

According to Block, the presentations will discuss “ways for restoring the common good, with an emphasis on the idea that the individual and the private sector is not all that matters.”
This event is a part of the Discussions of Leadership Series on campus, which is meant to discuss the development of leadership and to call attention to the common good.

“Peter epitomizes these values.  He’s congruent with who we are at the Mount, with the faculty creating the new core emphasizing the common good” said Tim Bryant, Executive Director of the Center for Ethical Leadership. 

Block’s work has been prominent in the field of reconciliation of communities and organizational development.  The author received his master’s degree in Industrial Administration from Yale in 1963. He has also written several books, including his most recent, “The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods.”
When asked why he first became interested in this line of work, Block said, “The suffering in the world bothered me and, as a human being, I owe something back.”
Bryant confirms that Block’s body of work coincides with the mission of the Mount because of the values that the Sisters of Charity have used to build the University. “The Mount has a rich history of service, being socially conscious and working to strengthen communities.”

Dan Mader, coordinator of the CORE115 courses, has said that these presentations are being used in conjunction with this course and the new core, which focuses on building common ground and learning about the common good.  According to Mader, Block understands the values that our University was built upon by the Sisters of Charity.
“This event goes beyond just the common good, but this is also about developing ethical leadership,” said Mader.  “This doesn’t mean just ‘the guy up front,’ but also leading from behind and this is something Peter emphasizes. We want to create the leaders of tomorrow.”

PWhen asked how audience members would benefit from attending these presentations, Bryant said, “If you are interested in making a difference, Peter would be an excellent person to see speak. He has very interesting ideas on how to move communities forward in which everyone can benefit.”