Mount St. Joseph University

Mount Faculty and Staff Travel to New Orleans for Mission Trip

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Amanda Gratsch

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The College of Mount St. Joseph will send faculty and staff on its second year for the New Orleans Mission Trip coming up in May. 

Organized by Sister Monica Gundler, the purpose of the event is to rehab houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Faculty and staff will be working through an organization called St. Bernard, which has successfully rehabbed approximately 500 houses through volunteer work.

Two faculty members and 10 staff members will be going on the trip, where they will stay at the house of three Sisters of Charity. 

“The main goal for faculty and staff is to participate in a huge team building opportunity to help people down there who still can’t get the help they need to live, and then to also build a relationship with each other to make the work environment an even greater place,” says Daniel Shultz, accountant in Fiscal Operations at the Mount.

In preparation for the trip, faculty and staff have been discussing the history of Hurricane Katrina and the destruction it left behind, motivating the group to make a positive impact on the lives of those whom reside there. 

Sister Nancy Bramlage, director of Mission and Ministry at the Mount, finds this trip builds a strong sense of community through its integral service to others in need. 

“It helps us better understand the mission of the College.  We’re not going to just have fun, but to work together to help others who need assistance. We’ll have fun in doing that,” says Bramlage.

The group will leave for New Orleans on May 12 and return on May 17.