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Choosing a college to attend requires research and thoughtful reflection because that is where you will spend the next four years. Students at the Mount find MSJU fulfills education needs inside the classroom while providing options for immersion learning, such as travel study and co-ops. With a multitude of opportunities, the Mount offers more than a degree.

With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, our smaller classes offer a more personalized learning experience from expert faculty. Beyond the classroom, downtown Cincinnati is only a short 15 minute drive away (or about a $12 Uber ride), so you can conveniently explore the surrounding area by browsing Barnes and Nobel at Newport-on-the-Levee or finding your new favorite restaurant near Fountain Square. Looking for opportunities to be more involved with the city and your community? Discover volunteer opportunities with our many student clubs and courses through which you can work with a community partner to better your world.

The point, is the opportunities at Mount St. Joseph are endless, and our students agree.

Over the course of their college experience, our students find they can become leaders, researchers, scholars, athletes, artists, or entrepreneurs. Through academics, extra-curriculars, practical experience, future planning, and opportunities to grow, Mount students are prepared for their future. You chose to attend college because you wanted a better future and to learn the things your previous schooling couldn’t teach you. For Mount students, those tools to succeed are embedded within our curriculum and opportunities.

One of our students, Joseph Williams, ’17, chose to major in business administration because he felt college and his choice of major would benefit him when he launched his own business—Circle J Farm—in 2013. Along with his brother, Williams cares for 10 acres of land and raises dozens of ducks, llamas, and sheep. “I grew up knowing animal husbandry,” he says. “It was more of the business angle that was difficult for me. Before attending the Mount, I was very naïve in regards to business…but I was eager to learn.”

Johnathon Ewing, another ’17 graduate, reminisces about his trip to London over the summer. As a history major, Ewing enjoys learning about the world, and he says, “[The trip] supplemented my professional goals by immersing me in another culture to gain a greater global perspective.”

The academics at the Mount allow students like Williams and Ewing to explore their interests and gain a greater understanding of the world around them. By offering opportunities for travel or classroom learning, Mount students can experience the full spectrum of academics. But they have other opportunities to explore their interests outside the classroom.

Biology major and Mount basketball player Jadah Jackson, ’18, shares her story about choosing a college: “I wanted to go to a school in Cincinnati,” she says, “and it was a blessing that I found one where I was able to play the sport I love.” Find the balance between academics and personal commitments, such as her choice to play collegiate basketball, can be a challenge, but Jackson says she has found the balance she needs to succeed at the Mount.

Like Jackson, DPT student Mary Broering, ’15, ’18, and communication and new media studies major Garrett Bascom, ’17, found extra-curricular activities that fueled their interests outside the academic sphere. Pursing an interest in politics, Bascom has held multiple offices in student organizations, including President of Student Government Association. Broering also held leadership positions within student organizations, and she found the leadership roles were instrumental in preparing her for her Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate studies and eventually, a career.

Student experiences, whether through academics or extra-curricular activities, hold the goal of furthering students’ education, but the experiences also foster practical experience to help build student resumes.

Joseph Williams, who began as a novice in the business aspect of running a farm, found that his marketing classes taught him practical knowledge, such as how to better sell livestock and track the costs and revenue gained by their sale. Likewise, Bascom participated in courses, such as Service Learning, that enabled him to further his future. By taking Service Learning courses and co-ops in areas of his interest, Bascom was able to learn more about the administrative aspect of non-profits and to find encouragement for his political aspirations by working with those in political office.

In a broader sense, Johnathon Ewing found the Mount to be a place for growth and facing challenges. “From thinking in new ways to being inspired to do new things, the Mount has given me the skills for life after graduation,” he says.

Fine Arts major Olivia Dean, ’17, agrees. Last year, Dean won first place in the Summerfair Emerging Artists competitive exhibition for her acrylic/encaustic painting “Let’s Not Talk About Size More Often.” As the first Mount student to win this award, Dean felt honored. “It justifies that what I am doing at the Mount is really helping me grow and challenge myself as an artist,” Dean says.

Students at the Mount find their education expands beyond the classroom and gives them practical experience that is key to success in the future. Mary Broering’s co-op with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital allowed her to participate in cancer research that could save lives, and Garrett Bascom’s education helped him find his calling in politics. Whatever major you choose—whether Fine Arts like Olivia Dean or Biology like Jadah Jackson—a Mount education enables students to reach their goals.

Read the stories of Jadah Jackson, Olivia Dean, Joseph Williams, Johnathon Ewing, Garrett Bascom, and Mary Broering in their entirety, and learn how they achieved success.

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