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Resident Life Today

Take a peek into all the plusses that come with a Mount address.

By Kara Gebhart Uhl

Resident life, like traditions, has changed throughout the years. In “Making Mount Memories” (Mount News, Spring 2014), we dove into the past. Here, we’d like to talk about the now. So we asked six current students what today’s resident life is like, what they like most about it and what incoming students have to look forward to. Here they talk about everything from community and convenience to getting involved and self-growth.


Meet: Tristan Chaput
Year: Junior
Major: Educational Studies
Extracurriculars: RA; president of CAB; Writing Center consultant; Leadership Scholar

On interactions with RAs: “Resident assistants have been developing events that are not only social, but [also] help students develop their faiths, strengthen their academics and promote school spirit. [Incoming] students can look forward to establishing a positive rapport with their RAs. RAs can be a great resource for so many things and I would encourage new students especially to ask their RAs about what events are happening around campus and how to get involved.”


Meet: Erin Fontaine
Year: Junior
Major: Criminology
Extracurriculars: vice president & treasurer of CAB; Criminology Club; co-op at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

On residence life improvement: “I have lived on campus for my three years at the Mount and this year has been the best. The RAs have put on numerous events, most of which include free food—something every college student loves.”

On convenience and community: “Living on campus is very convenient because it takes literally three minutes to walk to class. Living on campus also forms a community of resident students. I see the same people at meals, walking through the halls, etc. It gives me a sense of security and gives me a true sense of home.”


Meet: Becca Heizer
Year: Junior
Major: Accounting
Extracurriculars: RA; off-campus co-chair of CAB

On getting involved: “Residence life is a really fun place to live because there is always something going on, either events hosted by the RAs or other clubs/organizations. Incoming students can look forward to meeting new people, getting involved with different clubs/organizations, [and] support from students, faculty and staff.”

On community: “What I like the most about residence life is the fact that everyone is such a close knit community—having [the] support of friends and being able to hang out with one another makes the college experience so much better.”


Meet: Leanne Reichert
Year: Junior
Major: Nursing

Extracurriculars: public relations committee chair and member of fiscal committee of SGA; Orientation Leader; treasurer of Lions for Life; secretary of Student Nurses Association; Habitat for Humanity

On getting involved: “Whenever there is a campus event, [students] can just head down a couple flights of stairs and it is right there. The RAs put on many floor events throughout the semester and residents are able to go to any of them, even if it is not on their specific floor.”

On community and convenience: “Since the resident hall is not too big, everyone gets to know each other throughout the year and in a way, it becomes a big family. My favorite part about living on campus is being so close to everything—my classes, the library/printers and campus events. It is very convenient and makes it that much easier to get involved.”


Meet: Jacob Stentz
Year: ’13; currently Masters student
Major: earned BS in Biology, working toward Masters of Science in Nursing

Extracurriculars: RA; National Biological Honors Society; former SGA member; former vice president of Mount Birding Club; former Learning Center tutor; former vice president of Active Minds

On gaining independence: “Residence life is a stepping stone on the path to becoming an adult. It allows you to take responsibility, such as getting your own laundry done, but it also reduces the stress of worrying about having to make dinner or paying the electric or cable bills. To me residence life is a crash course in finding yourself, taking responsibility and finding independence all while in an environment that promotes education and learning how to be part of something larger.”

On community: “The aspect of residence life that I enjoy the most is that I can be who I want to be. Because of that freedom I have developed an amazing support structure for myself. If I am ever in need, my friends are living right down the hall.”

On self-growth: “Being a resident offers numerous opportunities to grow as a leader through clubs and organizations, which is great for building a résumé when you graduate. Living on campus allows you the freedom to re-invent yourself from who you were before you came to [the Mount], or it allows you to take who you are and surround yourself with the people who will love you to ultimately become the adult you see yourself becoming.”


Meet: Kayla Thieman
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology

Extracurriculars: traditional events co-chair of CAB; SGA senator; Tri Beta Biological Honor Society; Habitat for Humanity Club; Lions for Life; Health Professions Advisory Committee; Campus Ambassadors

On community: “Residence life provides a great opportunity to interact with many different people. I have made great friends and I enjoy having them close so we can socialize and work on homework together at any time. Incoming students can look forward to meeting a lot of new people and making many friendships. When students are willing to put themselves out there and participate in events, both in the residence halls and around campus, they will have a lot of fun and make lasting friendships, like I did.”