Mount St. Joseph University

CAB Trip to Dent School House

Dateline: student newspaper

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The Dent Schoolhouse is considered one of the top haunts in America, coming in at number 13 nationally. In addition to that title, the schoolhouse is also considered the best scenic haunted house and the scariest real haunted house in America. A ticket to the Dent Schoolhouse includes two attractions: the main attraction, which is the schoolhouse, and the detention hall. The schoolhouse has a detailed history as to how it became haunted. It opened up as a public school in 1894. The school was a great establishment and thought highly of. In 1942, there were a number of students—known for their disruptive behavior in class—that went missing. They were last seen at the schoolhouse. The police disregarded the case, considering the kids runaways. Four more kids went missing in October of 1945. People began to suspect something strange happening at the schoolhouse. The school stayed open despite rumors. The disappearances continued as three more students went missing in 1952. Students at the school began to complain about an odor coming from the basement. The janitor, Charlie, blamed the smell on clogged pipes. Over seven students went missing in October of 1955. The smell in the basement became even worse than before. The locals stormed the schoolhouse and stumbled upon a gruesome sight.  According to the Dent Schoolhouse website, “the basement was covered with the decaying remains of the missing students.  Bodies had been sealed in barrels, wedged behind the brick walls of the basement, and left in sanitary tubs to decay forever”. The janitor was never found. The schoolhouse has been considered haunted ever since.

The Campus Activity Board (CAB) has obtained tickets for 30 students to go to the Dent Schoolhouse for free. They will be going on October 19. Students should meet in the lobby at 7:30 p.m. and transportation is provided. The off campus event coordinator, Rebecca Heizer, said that it’s mainly for the thrill factor. The fright part of the evening is important as well. The history of the schoolhouse means a lot too—thinking about what happened there is so freaky.