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We're featuring your answers to our question: "How was your Mount education meaningful to you?” Here are just a few recent responses:

Joseph Story '82 writes

When I started at the Mount in the fall of 1979-80 I was within striking distance of achieving my bachelor’s degree. Sister Joanne helped me put together an education program that I could complete by May 1982. While my last class was not completed until June 1982, I was permitted to attend graduation ceremonies that May.

The US Army saw the value of my Mount education and immediately assigned me to nurse recruiting in Milwaukee, Wis. I believe I was the only active duty soldier attending the Mount at that time. In January of 1984, I was promoted (ahead of my peers) and transferred to California. In January 1986 I was again promoted and assigned as a First Sergeant with the 82nd Airborne Division. Three years later I was assigned to the US Army Sergeants Major Academy. After graduation I was promoted and sent back to the 82nd Airborne Division. I retired from the US Army on June 1, 1993. 

During the 11 years of my military career, the assignments and positions I held were a direct result of the managerial skills I learned at the Mount. I was able to make some difficult decisions, and do “the right thing” as Sister Peg McPeak would say, because of the core values I learned at the Mount.

Today I am a successful businessman in Tomahawk, Wis., and I’m looking forward to retiring. The Mount played a very important part in my life at a time when I needed it the most. I have many fond memories of my time at the Mount. The fondest of which was walking across stage on May 16, 1982. I am delighted to know the Mount is in the capable hands of a retired lieutenant colonel.

Melanie Ann Hunter Rogers '91 writes

The Mount accepted me as a freshman in the fall of 1987. Because I came from an inner city school in Cincinnati, I didn't believe I would fit in.

To my surprise, my differences were embraced and my thoughts were valued in the classroom setting. Often I was able to articulate a perspective that most of my classmates never experienced. I began to know God through examples of humility, patience and love that I saw in the people at the Mount. I had an English instructor who read one of my papers and, without judgment, challenged me to change my thinking about one of the values I learned growing up in the inner city.

Education is not only a value for me, it has become my purpose and my calling in life. I entered the workforce immediately in 1991 and became a licensed stock broker for Fidelity Investments by 1992. I had several great experiences in the financial and sales industry working for companies such as Western Southern Life and Pitney Bowes. I believe the Mount, by simply being on my resume, opened doors for me.

It wasn't until I divorced and became an educator 10 years ago, that I felt as though I was where God wanted me to be. I make a difference every day for students who were just like I was when I entered the Mount. I lead by example and show the students at my inner city school that there is a better life to be had. I am grateful for my education and the ability to share what I know to be "God's goodness in the land of the living" with all students who cross my path.

The values I gained from my Mount education have been extended to the many students I teach. Those values are also extended to my three children: Aaron, 21 – a sophomore at Santa Fe, Angel, 19 – a freshman at Howard University, and Alyse, 17 – entering freshman for summer term at University of Central Florida. I am proud to be an alumni of the class of 1991.

Georgia Brown '01 writes

I was blessed to have the opportunity to be prepared at the College of Mount St. Joseph for my career. Receiving my social work degree was an awesome way to become an empowering resource. I was prepared to use my life experiences and education to help others develop and move on with self determination.

What I was guided into during my educational experience would also prepare me to help others be a positive resource in the community. My education helped me, while assisting others to move forward, to get the best and most out of my career and life. I believe I am doing what God wants me to do. As I have worked with others I realize my education at the Mount has been, without a doubt, a premiere experience. We received the best.