Mount St. Joseph University

A Lack of Student Interest and Involvement

Dateline: student newspaper

By: Katie M. Donovan

File Under: involvement, university

As you may have heard, the College of Mount St. Joseph—soon to be Mount St. Joseph University—will no longer have a Lions for Life student club next school year. The disbanding of this group is due to lack of student interest in the club and involvement in the planned campus activities.

Catie Murray is a junior Education major, a member of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team, and President of the Music Matters Club. Murray is also president of the Lions for Life club, and shared how hard it was for her to admit to the school that the club’s journey was coming to an end.

Though there may not be an official club next year, Murray said that she hoped Campus Ministry would be able to take on some of the previous Lions for Life events. She also hopes that they will be able to work with other colleges like Xavier University for bigger events such as the March for Life in Washington, DC.

When asked why she thought students weren’t getting involved, Murray replied, “Everyone at the Mount likes to play the same game: ‘Who’s-busier-than-who.’”

Murray shared that people want events but they just aren’t willing to plan anything due to lack of time or availability.

Busy schedules seem to be to blame for this lack of interest and involvement. Molly Ernschwender, a sophomore double major in English and Art, said, “I know we all have busy schedules and many different priorities. Making time for any group/club is a big commitment.”

Murray agreed and shared that no one has the time to dedicate to one thing.

Murray and Ernschwender both feel that involvement is an important thing to do while in college. But what is the key to doing this with such a busy and full schedule?

Murray suggests that you start with, “just one thing.”

Starting small can allow you to take things on in baby steps. Don’t let the thought of becoming overwhelmed keep you from trying something new and getting involved in a club you have been interested in. You never know what you are capable of doing until you try it out.

Ernschwender is involved in the Campus Ministry Leadership Team, as well as the Sunday evening Mass Choir.

She shared, “Making time to go to events really pays off. I cannot begin to list the number of friendships and connections I have gained throughout all of my involvement in Campus Ministry, the music group for 8 pm Sunday Mass, Lions-on-line, as well as through the art department and being an orientation leader.”

Murray closed her interview by saying that she is worried about the Mount because many of the clubs are struggling. With the College making the switch to a University this summer, she is concerned that school’s clubs and involvements might not be up to par on this level. People come to the college looking for things to get involved in, and Murray is worried that when we become a University, people will be “looking for more.”

Murray hopes that people will hear about Lions for Life disbanding and be inspired to get involved, have fun and attend events.