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  • Help Yourself to Music on the Ohio River

    Category: ohio, music, bunbury music festival

    Cincinnati has hosted a three-day music festival just off the Ohio River every summer since July of 2012.Read More

  • One of Golf’s Greats Finishes Mount Career

    Category: sports, golf

    Not many people get the opportunity to play a collegiate sport with perhaps the best-to-ever-play-that-sport in the history of their school.Read More

  • Quotes Project Aims to Inspire

    Category: student life, quotes project, inspirational

    Recently, the Mount took on a project to help motivate students.Read More

  • Student Newspaper Seeks Applicants for 2016-17

    Category: dateline, student life, newspaper

    Students can gain valuable experience working as part of a team and writing for publication.Read More

  • School of Health Sciences holds annual Nursing Convocation

    Annual pinning ceremony concludes with Mount tradition of blessing of the handsRead More