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  • Mount St. Joseph University holds its 98th Commencement Ceremony on Dec. 8

    Congratulations to our newest graduates!Read More

  • A Closer Look at the Natural Sciences Major for Adult Students: Q&A with Dr. Christa Currie

    Category: academics, natural sciences

    We asked Christa Currie, Ph.D. a few questions on the Natural Sciences major and its benefits for the working student.Read More

  • Mount Basketball Goes for Three-Peat

    Category: basketball, dateline

    After making their first ever NCAA Tournament last March after winning the HCAC Tournament, the Mount is poised for another strong season.Read More

  • Campus Ambassadors Unsung Heroes of the Mount

    Category: campus ambassadors, dateline

    Following Thanksgiving, I am taking time to give thanks to perhaps the most underappreciated students at MSJ, the Campus Ambassadors.Read More

  • The Long (and Long-awaited) Christmas Break

    Category: dateline, winter break

    This year MSJ's winter break stretched from December 9th to January 17th, which means over a month of much needed rest.Read More