Mount St. Joseph University Alumni Board is an advisory body that serves the University by strengthening the relationship between alumni and their alma mater. 

In addition to having fun, the Mount's board members characterize a variety of interests and demonstrate a personal commitment to their alma mater. They support the mission, vision, values and goals of the University. Individually, these members offer expertise to help ensure the health and success of the University by:

  • Planning Alumni activities
  • Assisting the University in attracting new students
  • Participating in committees as requested by the President
  • Maintaining effective communications with the general alumni body

Thanks to our 2013-14 Alumni Board:

Loretto Rawson Armstrong ’77
Brittany Arthur ’11
Megan Stojakovich Baughman ’03
Dr. Satinder Singh Bharaj ’87
Eva Csicsova Bozso ’97
Steve Braun ’01 
Carole Brown ’52
Andrew Brunsman ’10
Heather Couch ’13
Susan Dawes ’88
Jennifer Burnett Dreyer ’03
Patrick Eichhold ’03
Aaron Hampel ’08
Stephanie Gfroerer Honebrink ’03
Robert Huesman ’09
Nick Jackson ’03
Ann Kavanaugh ’67
Neil Kelly ’12
Pete Kohlmorgen ’12
Maria Ledwin ’04
John Lich ’11
Michael Lind ’99
William Lisk ’04
Lupe Lopez-Tilsley ’77
Abbie Roedersheimer ’12
Crystal Rombke Robertson ’05
Cynthia Schmid-Perry ’82
Sara Utecht ’02
Ingrid Thompson-Weber ’80

If you are interested in joining this great team, send a note to and your request will be forwarded to the Governance Committee.