• The donor names the Mount as the beneficiary of an IRA, Keogh plan, or other qualified retirement plan.


  • This gift is easy to create through a "change of beneficiary" form.
  • The donor has the option to change the beneficiary at any time.
  • This gift does not affect a donor's current financial status.


  • The donor can support the Mount without reducing assets during life.
  • The donor is provided with a source of funds to make charitable gifts she or he may not have considered.
  • The Mount receives the gift upon the donor's death.
  • The donor can give gifts from retirement funds during life if she or he is eligible to accept payments without an early withdrawal penalty.

Tax Consequences

  • The donor can lower federal estate taxes by reducing the size of her or his estate.
  • The donor can reduce income tax for heirs.

Contact Information

E-mail Lisa Hinger Odenbeck, Director of Development, or call (513) 244-4475 or (800) 654-9314 ext. 4475. She can help you create a charitable gift plan that will fulfill your financial and philanthropic goals.

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