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You can double your gift to Mount St. Joseph University with a matching gift. It’s an employee benefit that few use, but company matching gifts make your donation go even farther. You may be eligible if you are an employee or retiree, or even if your spouse works for a matching gift company.

Check to see if your company offers matching gifts.

What is a matching gift?

After you give to the University, your employer (or your spouse’s employer) makes an additional gift. They verify the amount and send the Mount a check. You win, the Mount wins, and the company wins!

How do I know if my company matches gifts?

Over 8,000 companies and subsidiaries match employee gifts to colleges and universities. Many also match gifts made by spouses or retirees. To see if your company matches gifts, call your human resources office, or call the Mount at (800) 654-9314 ext. 4892.

How do I request a matching gift?

Request a Matching Gift Form from your employer’s human resources office (often available online). Fill out part one, and send it to the Mount with your gift. The University completes part two and sends the form back to the company, which sends the Mount a check, usually for the same amount as your gift. Some companies will even double the amount of your gift.

What type of information do I have to provide to my employer?

A typical form asks for your name, social security number, company division or location, and the date and amount of your gift.

Will my matching gift have an impact?

About 120 Mount donors take advantage of company matching gifts, resulting in an additional $30,000-40,000 for the University each year – enough to cover four major scholarships. Imagine how much more could be done if every eligible employee took advantage of a company match!

Where do I start?

Find out whether your gifts to the Mount are eligible for a company match. Contact your human resources office, or call the Mount at (800) 654-9314 ext 4892.

Companies of all sizes match gifts to the Mount, including the following employers.

  • Abbott Fund
  • Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Duke Energy
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • IBM Corporation
  • Macy's
  • Messer Construction Co.
  • Mutual of America
  • Fifth Third Bancorp
  • GE Aircraft Engines
  • Met Life
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Toyota
  • Western & Southern Life Insurance Co.

Check to see if your company offers matching gifts to the Mount.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mark Osborne, Coordinator of Annual Giving and Young Alumni Programs at (513) 244-4892.