Home-Schooled Students | Mount St. Joseph University

Mount St. Joseph University welcomes applications from all home-schooled students.

Mount St. Joseph University acknowledges that students come from academically- and socially-diverse backgrounds.

We recognize the hard work, perseverance and motivation it takes to complete a home-schooling curriculum. The Mount offers an educational environment in which academic excellence, integration of life and learning, and respect for all people, cultures and beliefs is paramount.

The Application Process for Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students must submit the following:

  • Application for admission
  • Application fee
  • Transcripts
  • Any documentation from the state or national homeschooling accreditation agency
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Two letters of recommendation

Students may also need to interview with a member of the admission staff.

Additional Information

If you need additional information, or would like to talk with an admission counselor, contact the Office of Admission.

Home-Schooled Student FAQs

Is a state certified diploma or GED required for admission?

While Mount St Joseph University does not require an official diploma or GED for admission, we do require a detailed transcript with course content and grades achieved, along with a grading scale.

What should be included in the transcript?

The transcript should demonstrate the successful completion of a secondary school education in a homeschool setting. Include course content along with awarded grades and the grading scale used. Additionally, some students choose to submit a list of textbooks used during coursework.

Who should write the letters of recommendation?

We suggest that someone other than a parent write a recommendation letter, but recognize that a parent may, in fact, be the most accessible resource.

Other examples of appropriate references include:

  • Employers
  • Coaches
  • Tutors
  • Church leaders

Ultimately, anyone who can attest to your academic performance or your extracurricular involvement would be an acceptable reference.