MSJ University is closing at 3:00, Wednesday, March 4, due to weather. All classes are canceled and all offices are closed after 3pm.

Congratulations on being accepted to Mount St. Joseph University. We are excited to welcome you to the Mount community. You are one step closer to enrollment.

Each graduate degree program has its own enrollment process. To find out more, please contact your intended program.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

  • School of Business
  • (513) 244-4920

Master of Arts in Religious Studies

  • School of Arts & Humanities
  • (513) 244-4272

Master of Science in Nursing & Doctor of Nursing

  • School of Health Sciences
  • (513) 244-4511

Master of Arts, majors in Teaching and Education

  • School of Education
  • (513) 244-4878

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • School of Health Sciences
  • (513) 244-4890

Master of Business Administration (MBA 4+1)

  • Academic Advising Resource Center
  • (513) 244-4828