Most Mount St. Joseph University students are required to have health insurance. We offer coverage for eligible students.

All full-time students must have health insurance (resident and commuter), as well as students living in the Residence Hall and athletes (full-time or part-time). All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the the college's health insurance plan.  Part time students wishing to enroll should contact Student Administrative Services @ 513-244-4418.

The premium will be charged to your account as a separate item on your student bill.

Insurance Waiver

If you already have coverage, and do not wish to participate in the college health insurance program, you must successfully complete an online waiver.

Click the Online Waiver Form under Enrollment. You'll receive a transaction number by e-mail within an hour of completing it. Collegiate Insurance Resources will notify you by email if your waiver is rejected, with instructions on your next steps.

Next Steps


If you've made it this far, you're all done. Head over to the Resources page for a complete list of the ten forms you should have filled out.

We have also made available a number of convenient downloads for your reference.