Organizational Leadership

This program develops professional leadership skill in for-profit, non-profit or governmental work.

The Organizational Leadership Program helps prepare students to excel in ethical leadership, calling on them to think beyond themselves and to become involved as leaders and decision-makers in their professions, families and communities.  Our goal is to prepare them for life equipped with values, integrity and a sense of social responsibility. Candidates with personal integrity who communicate effectively, think critically and solve complex problems stand out in the world of work. We offer courses for this program at partner organizations around Cincinnati, providing you with the skills necessary to advance your professional career. This program allows adult college students to pursue an undergraduate degree in a professional, yet personal, environment with faculty focused on your achievement.

Saturday Bachelor of Science degree completion program in Organizational Leadership

This program in Organizational Leadership is designed for students who were meaning to complete their bachelor's degree, but for whom life, work and other obligations got in the way. If you have been separated from the university setting for a period of time, and weren’t sure how you might ever complete your degree, your time is now. We have designed the courses and program delivery to meet the needs of working adults.

This is an undergraduate academic program that is designed for non-traditional students. The program is structured to allow students who previously completed a substantial portion of the requirements for an undergraduate degree, to complete the credit requirements needed to earn a bachelor's degree (B.S.). 

This can be accomplished either at an accelerated pace, or a flexible schedule. The difference between credits previously earned, and those required for the award of a Bachelor of Science, is made-up through a variety of methods available at the Mount.

Applications are accepted from working adults who have completed one or two years of university courses which can be transferred onto the potential student's transcript. A series of Saturday classes fills the gap between credits earned and those required for a bachelor's degree.

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