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Informatics provides an interdisciplinary approach to computing and the interaction of people, information and technology across organizations.

Informatics is the interaction of people, information and technology in a specific discipline. By choosing a dual major in mathematics and web/mobile informatics, students will develop strong analytical abilities, problem solving skills and computing knowledge.

Why Math and Web Mobile at the Mount?

  • Opportunities for on campus employment while students complete their degree
  • Exposure to pure and applied mathematics for a well-rounded background
  • Departmental Scholarships and Awards to assist students who go above and beyond
  • Small class sizes, personal attention and a welcoming atmosphere for a healthy learning environment
  • Individual informatics research as well as a co-op experience to prepare for future careers

After the Mount?

This major will leave students well prepared for a variety of careers including those listed below.

Graduate School

Other programs in informatics

The University also offers a major in web and mobile informatics, as well as a minor in informatics.




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