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Informatics provides an interdisciplinary approach to computing and the interaction of people, information and technology across organizations.

An Informatics minor enhances a resumé and provides skills that are highly sought after by employers. Informatics has grown from the need to understand how data impacts all aspects of science, industry, government, and social interaction.

A minor in informatics will help students from an array of disciplines enhance their marketability by learning to understand and use information technology. Informatics minors build upon their existing skill set, learning to better communicate and understand the partnership between information technology and problem solving, automation, communication and more.

Why minor in Informatics at the Mount?

  • To differentiate yourself from other job candidates in your field
  • Small class sizes, personal attention and a welcoming atmosphere for a healthy learning environment
  • To develop advanced problem solving skills that are coveted by employers
  • To gain the ability to collect, mine, and analyze data to extract useful patterns

Other programs in informatics

The University also offers a major in web and mobile informatics and a dual major in mathematics and web/mobile informatics.

More information

To learn more about the minor in informatics, please contact Denise Krueger.

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