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This career-oriented program will launch students into the creative world of visual communication.

Graphic Design Majors at Mount St. Joseph University discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their creative spirit. There is an emphasis on new technologies without compromising foundations. Graphic Design students develop skills and proficiencies in problem solving, multi-page design, information graphics, and brand strategies along with a proficiency in industry standard software. Students also move through rigorous studio fundamentals such as design concepts, typography, and drawing. Students who successfully complete the requirements for our major will:

  • Be ready for a professional career in the creative field
  • Have the conceptual and technological skills needed in the industry
  • Gain professional knowledge of industry standard software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
  • Be an articulate problem solver
  • Have a hand in community engagement to cultivate lifelong learning
  • Engage in the creative problem solving process that is so vital in the industry
  • Have mastery of typography, design principles, color theory, brand identity, symbol systems, and information graphics
  • Identify the formal, technical, and expressive aspects in visual communication
  • Understand design principles for web, print, and motion

We offer art scholarships to freshmen based on artistic potential demonstrated in their portfolios.

News and Updates

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Degrees Offered

Major in Graphic Design

Minor in Graphic Design