General Studies | Mount St. Joseph University

General Studies sample disciplines, ideas and cultures.

The General Studies program has been restructured and is now accepting students into the new Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences programs. The Liberal Arts program allows for an interdisciplinary course of study, combining faculty expertise and student experience across English, history, religious studies, and philosophy. In a similar way, the Natural Sciences program offers an interdisciplinary course of study in the sciences, such as chemistry, biology, geology, and physics.


You'll learn to think critically, analyze thoroughly and communicate effectively. General Studies is a good choice for students who need the flexibility to tailor their schedule to their needs and interests.

Many transfer and adult students find the General Studies major a good option for earning a college degree.

General Studies provides students a more extensive study of the liberal arts and sciences, and a broader understanding of various academic fields.

Students will devote more than half of their course of study to exploring ideas germane to disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences. They will have ample opportunity to think critically and communicate effectively about issues concerning global citizenship, ethics, and cultural diversity as their perspectives draw from interdependencies among disciplines. Toward such an end, students can choose to pursue greater breadth, more depth, or a combination of both in completing either associate's or bachelor's degrees in general studies.