Instructional leaders play a critical role in the standards-driven environment of schools of today.

This program is no longer accepting new students at this time.


The Principal Licensure Program through Mount St. Joseph University will be offered to cohorts of students who pursue the curriculum and internship experiences. Relationships developed in the cohort enhance learning through personal and professional sharing, support, and networking. 

  • All professional courses are taught by professors well grounded in the experience of school leadership.
  • Courses during the semester run eight weeks – two courses each semester, back-to-back, one course at a time.
  • Principal Licensure, Master of Arts program may be completed in as few as 21 months, start to finish.
  • Principal Licensure program may be completed by those who hold an M.A. or M.Ed. in as few as 17 months.
  • All students may apply for financial assistance, in the form of loans for most students, with no less than two courses, six to nine semester hours, completed each semester including one summer session.
  • Students may transfer up to nine graduate credit hours into the program with the approval of the director.

For additional information, please contact the School of Education at 513-244-4812.

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  • Photo of Steve McCafferty Steve McCafferty

    Instructional Leadership Program Director; Assistant Professor