DPT students get practical experience through short-term clinical experiences and long-term clinical internships.

College of Mount St. Joseph DPT students complete several short-term clinical experiences and four long-term internships totaling 42 full-time weeks of clinical education in a variety of practice settings. We maintain contracts with over 300 clinical organizations to provide diverse practical experiences for students.

The majority of clinical sites are located within Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  However, students should expect to travel outside of the Greater Cincinnati area for at least 1 clinical internship. It is important for students to receive a stimulating and diverse clinical experience and so the MSJ DPT Clinical Education Network includes facilities in all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada and across PT practice patterns.  Availability of specific clinical sites varies from year to year. Prospective students should be aware that physical therapy interns do pay tuition during their rotations and very few clinical sites are able to offer stipends.

We are always looking to add new clinical partners who can offer unique, high-quality, intentional clinical education opportunities for our students.  Faculty, students, alumni, or clinical facilities themselves should contact Director of Clinical Education, Jamie Bayliss at (513) 244-4647 or email to recommend a clinical partner organization for the MSJ DPT Clinical Education Network.