The Physical Therapy Department at Mount St. Joseph University now participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service, known as PTCAS. To learn more about the PTCAS application process, please visit the PTCAS web site.

As a benefit of attending Mount St. Joseph University for their undergraduate coursework, students have an expedited admission process.

Mount Undergraduate Student Admission Criteria

  • Adherence to PTCAS application process/deadlines
  • Completion of 90 or more credit hours at the Mount
    • Mount coursework completed within 2 years of application deadline
  • Conferment of a bachelor’s degree from the Mount prior to program start
  • Completion of at least 80 hours of clinical observation supervised by a physical therapist.  Hours must include a minimum of 20 hours in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • GRE scores (within 5 years of application deadline) required if Science GPA < 3.25
  • Overall GPA > 3.0/ 4.0
    • Science Prerequisite GPA > 3.0 with at least 2/3rds of prerequisite science coursework completed prior to application deadline. All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to matriculation date
    • No prerequisite with a grade < C (this includes C+,C,C-)
  • Participate in the interview process

Mount Undergraduate Student Admission Process

  • Mount students who fulfill the above criteria will automatically receive an invitation to participate in the Interview process.
  • The DPT acceptance process for Mount students will occur prior to general admission acceptance.
  • Up to 12 Mount students may be accepted through the Mount undergraduate admission process, (approximately one-third of an entering class). In the event that there are more than 12 qualified Mount applicants, the top 12 students will be offered admission.
  • Individuals not awarded admission will be placed in the general admission pool and their applications ranked accordingly. Those who score above the cutoff for general admission will be invited to enroll at that time.