Department of Computing

Informatics provides an interdisciplinary approach to computing and the interaction of people, information and technology across organizations.

Informatics has grown from the need to understand how computing impacts all aspects of science, industry, government, business, and social interaction. The Informatics Program at the Mount highlights the interaction of people, information and technology in a specific discipline.

As an informatics student, you will develop strong computing skills in addition to the knowledge and understanding of the content area of your choice while benefiting from the breadth of a liberal arts and sciences education. The University offers the following areas of specialty for students who want to study informatics:

  •  Web and Mobile
  •  Mathematics and Web/Mobile dual major

In each program, you will develop problem-solving skills to address real-world issues while establishing a solid foundation of computing proficiency with leading-edge technologies through hands-on classroom activities and instruction.

Career Preparation

Employers look for students who have strong communication and problem solving skills, and a firm grasp of current technologies as well as the skills necessary to adapt to the ever changing technology sector. The following is just a small snapshot of career opportunities for informatics majors.

  • database designer
  • web/mobile application developer
  • bioinformatics researcher





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