Department of Music | Mount St. Joseph University
Person playing the violin.

The Department of Music readies you for a music career with broad-based knowledge and performance skills.

A faculty of accomplished performers, composers and teachers guide students. Performance opportunities include vocal and instrumental ensembles and departmental recitals.

Students who successfully complete the music program:

  • Demonstrate performance ability appropriate for the B.A. in music
  • Perform advanced ensemble literature
  • Comprehend various musical genres and stylistic periods
  • Understand theoretical/compositional music concepts and
  • Critically review personal musical/intellectual performance.

Mount St. Joseph University enables students to create music in our bands, ensembles, and choral groups. The Department of Music provides a variety of scholarships and grants to those who qualify. Students can also work with state-of the-art technology and equipment.

The Music Department is committed to training a versatile, competitive and marketable student via a renowned faculty and advanced curriculum. 

Students will have the opportunity to observe and participate in all facets of the music industry; from studio recording to performing in Broadway musicals; from private lesson teaching to professional orchestra rehearsals.  The Department of Music is focused on helping the student be able to make a more educated decision about career goals upon graduation.



Photo of Mark McCafferty Mark McCafferty

Band Director, Chairperson