Art students working.

Art majors at Mount St. Joseph University discover a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

Students who successfully complete the art education and fine arts majors will:

  • Engage in the creative art making process, using imagery, structures and media, to express and communicate ideas, feelings and experiences.
  • Identify the formal, technical and expressive aspects in visual artworks.
  • Understand and appreciate the historical, social and cultural contexts of the art and artists in past and present societies.

Students work in our facilities, including the newly renovated Dorothy Meyer Ziv Art and Design Building, and the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery. We offer art scholarships to freshmen based on the artistic potential demonstrated in their portfolios.

We offer majors in art education and fine arts. We offer minors in art, art history, and photography. 



Photo of John Griffith John Griffith

Department Chair, Art & Design