This course provides you with on-site learning and experience of early Christianity in Rome.

This cultural immersion course is designed to provide the student with on-site learning and experience of early Christianity in the city of Rome. Throughout this course, the student will study early Christianity in the context of the Roman system. We will visit ancient Christian basilicas and churches like:

  • St. Peter's
  • St. John Lateran
  • St. Peter in Chains
  • St. Paul Outside the Walls
  • the Sistine Chapel

We will visit places of importance to the early Christian community such as the Coliseum, the Forum, and the Catacombs. Students will visit other sites of the ancient Roman religions such as the Pantheon, the Temples of the Vestals, and other important sites pertaining to Roman religion when Christianity arrived in the first and second century of the Common Era.


This three-credit hour course takes place during Spring Break, and will require both pre and post assignments, meetings prior to the trip to Rome, participation in tours and lectures while in Rome and surrounding areas, and a follow up final paper due at the end of the Spring semester.


We will be staying at Villa Nazareth, Via Domenico Tardini, 35, 00167 Rome, Italy. Villa Nazareth is a 10 minute walk from the Cornelia stop of the Rome Metro-A-line.


The trip fee covers round-trip air from Cincinnati to Rome, transfers between the airport and Villa Nazareth, and a 5-day Metro pass.


In addition to visiting the sights listed above, there is also time to visit other museums on one's own or to take a day trip to Florence, Assisi, or Ostia Antica.

Contact Information

For more information, call Joe Zalot at 513-244-4212 or email him. 

Additional Information

The course number is IDS 397. The Trip will take place over the University's spring break.