Faculty Experts | Mount St. Joseph University
Expertise Name Title Contact
Acute care and cardiopulmonary physical therapy, lymphedema Rene Thomas, PT, DPT


Orthopedics Michael Obert


Administration and Management, Health Policy and Regulation, Geriatrics Erin Hofmeyer, PT, DPT, GCS

Instructor, Assistant Director of Clinical Education

Writing Karl Zuelke, Ph.D.

Director of The Writing Center and The Math & Science Center

Human rights and social justice, experiential teaching and learning, and nonprofit management Keith Lanser, M.A.

Manager of Service Learning & Civic Engagement

Diversity & Inclusion Dr. Terri M. Hurdle

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership in High School and Intercollegiate Athletics Cynthia Veraldo, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

Inclusive Early Childhood Education Laura Saylor, Ph.D.

Dean of Education, Program Director, Assistant Professor

Design, Brand Identity and Strategy, Painting, Illustration, Digital Media, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Kurt Grannan

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Music, Percussion, Green Building, Small Business Mark McCafferty, M.M.

Band Director, Chairperson

Education Steve McCafferty, Ed.D.

Instructional Leadership Program Director; Assistant Professor

Psychology Tim Lawson, Ph.D.

Chair, Professor

Childhood and Families Nazneen Kane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Aging and memory, storytelling and memory, group influences on memory James Bodle, Ph.D.


Chemistry Christa Currie, Ph.D.

Chair, Associate Professor

Protein structure and function using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and computer simulations Eric Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Chemistry Mark Fischer, Ph.D.


United States History, Humor Studies, American Theatre, Liberal Arts Education Peter M. Robinson, Ph.D.


Modern Europe, gender and comparative women's history, Japan, UNICEF, human rights and citizenship issues, modern India Jennifer Morris, Ph.D.


Internet law and ethics, human rights and the Internet (privacy and freedom of expression), surveillance, digital advertising. Robert Bodle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

American Literature, Personal Writing, Grief, Liberal Arts Education Elizabeth Bookser Barkley, Ph.D.

Department of Liberal Arts Chair, Professor of English

Sports Medicine, Physical Activity and Disease Prevention, Standardized Patients, and Health Professions Student Advising BC Charles-Liscombe, EdD, ATC

Chair, Associate Professor

Feminist Pastoral Theology, Care, & Counseling; Identity; Social Justice; Catholic Social Teaching; Theological Anthropology Kate Lassiter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Religious & Pastoral Studies

Women with Heart Disease, Future of Nursing and Educational Issues Darla Vale

Dean of Health Sciences

Physical Therapy (Geriatrics) Lisa Dehner, Ph.D., PT


Art History/Sculpture/Study Abroad Dan Mader, M.A.